About Us

RETRONOMIXX marries the legacy of the past with the potential of the future, weaving together the unique narratives of storied design elements to create a rich tapestry of historical details overlaying functional green improvements.

Following Bert Hutt’s RETRONOMIC DEVELOPMENT concept of using multi- repurposing and green building, we create relaxing environments that feature reclaimed and repurposed historical details, upcycling elements of the past into the present.

Our renovation of Café Ventana, a popular coffeehouse & cafe in the Central West End, is a good example of our care and attention to detail.  Gas lanterns and antique chandeliers from New Orleans, reclaimed antique doors from the French Quarter, a beautiful fountain in our cobblestone alley that is laid with reclaimed brick from the St. Louis Riverfront and a stone hearth fireplace are just a few of the stunning features.

Another crowning achievement was our renovation and installation of a historic conservatory from 19th century France and gazebo, for Sanctuaria Wild Tapas:

We are proud to bring the same care and attention to detail to our residential properties, bringing them to life by restoring their original details where possible, and introducing style into the space.